Week 2


Working from George Mason University

This week’s topic is networking. I have to admit, I was never a fan of this idea before I discovered I could do it digitally. Small talk just isn’t my thing. But when I discovered I could network via social media… Game on. I think it has helped me in the face to face world a bit as well. Now at conferences and workshops, I often meet people whom I’ve connected with via social media. The ice is already broken and less small talk for me to endure. It’s already happened a few times here at JOSTI this week.

My digital network has proved to be incredibly valuable to me. I hope that through this week and throughout these courses, you will continue to develop your own network and discover its value.

Your Blogs

Several of you mentioned waiting to the last minute to get your work done this week. That’s totally fine and expected. Just please remember to put your links on your grade sheets so that I know to assess them. You have the option of writing more than one post each week, but I will only assess those that you link on your spreadsheet. If you missed it this week, that’s fine, just add it in and we’ll get you caught up.

Here are a couple of highlights for you to check out from our first week.

Alex shared a couple of great graphics visualising the influence of computers on his life’s journey.

Jessie’s post pondering what makes a blog.

Your Comments

Make sure you check to see if there are comments that need approval on your blogs. There are a few of you who have told me your comments aren’t appearing and I’ve run across at least one grade sheet that had a comment that I couldn’t find live on a blog. You should only have to approve each other once before they will be automatically accepted.

Case in point, a great conversation was started in the comments of Mike’s blog with an exchange of links and ideas. Make sure you check your blog for comments and reply to them when appropriate. You never know when this will lead to some new learning.




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