Getting closer: Week 5

Thoughts on Social Learning

I was at the beach with my teenage nieces and nephew last week. I only get to see them once or twice a year, and I’m never sure what to expect. They’re all fully fledged teenagers now and seeing them glued to their phones was interesting and at times, frustrating. But then they took some time to show us some of what they were doing. They got super excited one night teaching all of the adults how to use SnapChat. It led to an evening of hilarity, and a lot of subsequently ridiculous exchanges, but more importantly I loved seeing these teenagers in teacher mode. They were eager to help, patiently sharing tips and letting us into a little bit of their world. I’m pretty sure none of them sat down and read a tutorial when they first got the app. A friend probably taught them how to use it and they in turn have shared their knowledge with others. It may not be quadratic equations, but they’re learning and sharing skills and supporting each other. Sound familiar?

I’ve since learned more through my own geeking out. As the teens shared Snaps with filters I hadn’t found yet, I spent some time to search and figure them out. It was the social aspect of the learning that got me motivated. I never cared about SnapChat before, but now its a fun way to stay in touch with my family, I’ve got a couple of streaks going, and I wanted to be able to do the cool stuff they were doing. I even got my dad in on it a bit.

Check these posts out

These guys had some great ideas to share this week. I hope you had a chance to check them out.
Dudley – Discusses the importance of engaging students in learning and how his school has created a Leaders of Their Own Learning committee

Alex gives us a look into the future of education and some of the crazy technology that’s coming along. Telepathic texting?

Mike goes out on a limb trying new things this week. He’s even got a first shot at a podcast included.

Important Information

Once again, please make sure you are checking your blogs and approving comments. I’ve got a backlog of comments I can’t assess. Please don’t worry if you aren’t seeing those scores yet. I’ll get to them.

My family is headed to Ireland for the next 10 days on our way back to Accra. I’m 97% sure I’ll have internet access everywhere we stay but I may be a little slower to respond this week to your posts or questions.

Finally, I want it to be clear that your final projects do not have to be completed on the UBD planner that we provided you. If you have something else that you are more comfortable with, that’s fine. Please make sure that you utilize some GSuite tools in your unit design. As you’re working towards your certification it is important that you are working with these tools.

Anything is possible

Anything is possible

As always, if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask.

4 thoughts on “Getting closer: Week 5

  1. Hi Ryan,

    For the final project should it be an entire Unit (6-8 lessons) or just a subsection of a unit (2-3 lessons)?


    1. Alex,
      I think its fine to have as many or as few lessons as you need for the unit plan. I’ve never been a fan of defining a unit as x number of lessons. As long as its structured to help students learn it should be ok.

      1. Ace, thats perfect – thanks Ryan.


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