Week 3

From Andy’s Sasquatch analogy and Alex’s Matrix reference this week to Troy dropping in some Vanilla Ice, (there’s a mashup that needs to be made) I enjoyed the pop culture connections to this course’s material. Making connections to our own experiences and prior knowledge is essential to learning and I have no doubt that your classrooms are full of more fantastic ideas to help students connect to curriculum.

This week we turn toward privacy online. An important topic for sure and one that needs to be approached carefully. As many of you have commented on the need to promote these ideas in a positive light, I think you’ll like some of this week’s reading. While we continue to share the facts with students, and peers, it is important to continue to help them add perspective. Encouraging students to ask questions, seek answers and not just take all of this at face value will develop a deeper understanding than just piling the data on them.

Final Project Alert

The Course 2 final project requires you to collaborate with at least one other cohort member who is not in your school. The idea here is to work on a globally collaborative project. I strongly suggest that you go ahead and start making these connections with your cohort and figure out a plan soon. We’ve got an odd number in our cohort so you might need some trios in there somewhere. Remember that the UBD unit planner is there as a resource. If you choose that option and have something else you want to use, that’s perfectly fine.

This was one of my favorite projects as a participant. I enjoyed the challenge of working with someone I’d never actually met to produce a quality product. It wasn’t easy, but it worked and I’m still in touch with my partner via Twitter. Its a valuable experience that I hope you enjoy.

Other Thoughts

Its been a challenging few days here in Accra as our internet provider has apparently had some issues involving GSuite. Email and Drive were all but unusable for the last several days so I’m a bit behind on your posts. I’ll get caught up soon.

I’ve run across several resources recently that fit well with the Course 2 theme. I’ll share a few of them over the next couple of weeks.  One of my favorite podcasts has been Note to Self. It offers a look at everyday life living in a digital landscape an I’ve used episodes as part of digital citizenship discussions with students in the past. Recently, the host, Manoush Zomorodi, gave a Ted Talk about her Bored and Brilliant project which she has turned into a book that releases soon. While it isn’t all specifically about digital citizenship,  or how potential employers look at our Facebook page, it is definitely relevant to including positive aspects of digital citizenship that many of you discussed in your posts over the last two weeks. Instead of bombarding students with statistics on negative effects of screens and the dangers of social media, we could be showing them what the positives of taking a break might from their devices might be.

I hope you enjoy the week and, as always, feel free to ask questions.


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  1. Ryan is there a document that has all of our Names, roles and contact details?

    We are supposed to be working collaboratively but it is hard to do when you aren’t sure how you match up with people as far as ES/MS/HS goes.

    Thank you,


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